The Profile Series is an ongoing project within Motive Artworks that focuses on a precise side profile look at all of our favorite cars. From automotive icons in dream configurations to personal collections from past, present and future, The Profile Series is open to any make and model. Check out the information below and fill out the Make My Car form to start the process of having your own car illustrated.

How are these illustrations made?

Every car is created in 100% vector in Adobe Illustrator using a number of photographic references. The base artwork for each car can take between 8-15+ hours depending on the details.

How much for my car?

Typically between $125-200. It varies depending on exact details so fill out the Make My Car form below to get pricing for your car.

What do I get for that price?

High resolution digital versions of the artwork in JPEG/PNG formats sized to 24in x 36in, 15in x 15in and 1600px X 900px. Each size is provided with 6-10 solid colored background options as well as one large transparent option with no background.

Can I get the original vector file?

No, sorry. The vector files stay with Motive. 

How long does it take?

Typically 1-3 weeks. It really depends on the complexity of the car and current scheduling.

What about prints, skatedecks and stickers?

Check out the section below for more info on printed goods.

Can I get a discount on multiple cars?

No discounts. Motive is a one-man operation and a lot of hard work goes into each and every piece. 

Can you do my motorcycle?

Sorry, cars only.

Can I have changes made to my illustration in the future?

Absolutely! Changes and adjustments can be made at any time. Additional fees will be determined

by the adjustments needed.



A unique way to display the artwork

of your car. Printed on 8 inch, 7-ply Maple skateboards. Choose from

four premade background options in

a variety of colors.


Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and attach a photo of your car.

Requests will be reviewed and a reply email with pricing information will be sent provided that there is schedule availability. Additional information or photos may be requested. 


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