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Automotive portraits, custom side profile drawings of your personal collection, shop car or garage art. Whether you’re into euro, JDM or American musle, the profile series is open to any brand, sub-culture or style. akdf;aldf;ajf;ladjfl asdjfl;asj dfasdjf asjdfas djfas jdfasjd fasjdfasjdfasj dfasdjfasdjfals djflasdjflas djfakjs adksfalfjasdpuaweansdfa aoiureowitna fwoieu anbfa ngfaow ietuaowitu wenetawoeti akdhfaldfjlasdjfashflasdjfhoaiuwoin aoij awoietu alsknf ;oasifgu worha osg aogfiu awiro ;neflasn goasu uawer ajdf adhgfiuaoie.


What It Costs

Street - $125-250 on average

Race - Starting at $300

Price varies from car to car depending on the exact details. Certain finishes like matte/chrome wraps, highly customized cars with a lot of aftermarket parts and rare cars in general will be a higher price due to the extra time and research required to replicate the details accurately. Common cars, for example, an E46 M3 or cars only requiring a wheel and color change of an existing drawing, will fall on the lower end of the price scale. The final price will be determined and agreed upon beforehand.

What You Get

Each custom commissioned profile comes with high resolution, print-ready JPEGS with several colored backgrounds (white, various shades of greys and colors matched or complimentary to each car.) Transparent PNG files can be requested. Vector files are not included and not available.

Also included is a standard 13in x 19in print with white background. See the “Optional Printed Goods” section below for

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How Long It Takes

2 Weeks on average

Just like the pricing, exact lead times will depend on the details and requirements of each individual drawing. Lead times will be decided and discussed ahead of each custom piece.

What’s Needed To Start

Make/Model/Year • Color • Wheels • OEM Spec/Options • Aftermarket Parts or Customizations

Send a detailed e-mail with all of the information above as well as any extra notes or photos if you have them. Photo references are not required but do help visualize specific details, especially when aftermarket or custom details are needed. The more information given, the better. This allows your e-mail to be responded to in a timely manner and an accurate price quote to be given right away.

Optional Printed Goods

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Paper Print/Poster

60LB Matte paper, inkjet print. Prints are embossed with the Motive logo in the bottom right-hand corner. Additional print sizes can be done upon request.

8.5in x 11in • 11in x 14in

18in x 24in • 24in x 36in


$100 shipped within the U.S.

7ply maple skateboard with high quality printed heat transfer graphics. 4-5 background graphics/colors will be provided to choose from. Please contact us for International shipping costs. Mounting hardware is not included.

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Minimum order of 25pcs for $30 shipped within the U.S.

High gloss, quality vinyl. 5 inches wide. Please contact us for international shipping costs.

E46 M3
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