Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Illustration

•How can I get a custom illustration made of my own car and what does it cost?

Send us an email with any information or photos of the car you'd like an illustration of. Details like make/model/year and any specific modifications made to the car are key in getting an accurate price quote. Pricing varies by project and the level of detail required so there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. The more information given to us in the initial email, the better we can understand what you're looking for.

• How are the illustrations made?

Digital illustrations like The Profile Series are made from scratch in vector format using Adobe Illustrator. Unlike raster based images created in programs like Photoshop, vector images will not degrade in quality the larger they are scaled. This gives us more freedom to use the artwork we create on a small or large scale depending on the project requirements.

•What file types will I receive of the finished artwork?

We will provide you with a variety of high resolution, print-ready jpegs with multiple colored backgrounds. This gives you the freedom to use the images for things like screensavers or to make prints on your own with local resources if desired.


Where are your prints made?

Everything is created and printed in-house. We have multiple printers on hand for various print needs from small to large format. Doing everything in-house gives us the ability to color correct and make sure the quality is nothing but the best.

What type of paper is used?

We only use premium quality papers from companies like Canon, Epson & Red River Paper. Red River polar matte is one of our favorites but a variety of specialty gloss, satin and metallic papers can be requested.

Can I have a print made of something that was posted on Instagram/Facebook?

A lot of what is posted to social media is either client projects or custom personal commissions so for that reason we typically will not do any print runs of those items.