Frequently Asked Questions


Prints - 60lb (229gsm) Premium Matte Paper

Paintings - Acrylic on 1.5" thick, wooden framed canvas


What does "vector format" mean?

Vector graphics are created, often using Adobe Illustrator, by making something from scratch using lines, points and curves. Creating something in vector format is different than photo manipulation often done in Photoshop or other photo editing programs. True vector graphics are able to be scaled larger or smaller and will never lose quality or become pixelated unlike raster images. This allows more freedom when it comes to what the finished artwork can be used for.

I saw a specific image on your instagram/facebook, will it be available in the online shop?

A lot of what is posted on social media is either private commissions or personal projects and is typically not available through the online shop.

• Do you plan on making "x" available in the online shop in the future?

The online shop is kept to a very limited selection of cars/prints. Please email us for special requests and private commissions.

• Can I customize something that is already offered in the online shop?

Send us an email with what you're looking to have changed and we'll let you know if it can be done as well if it there are any additional costs involved.

• Are you going to make prints available of any paintings?

No. Paintings are 100% one-offs and will never be made available as prints.

• How do I get a custom illustration/painting of my car made?

Simple, send us some images of the car in question along with any necessary details and we'll take it from there. The higher resolution the images are, the better. It's all about the details and we want to make sure we get things as accurate as possible.

Can I make changes to an illustration after it's already completed?

Adjustments can be made to your existing illustration at any time at an extra cost.

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